Links We Love

Here are some sites I thought you'd like to know about:

Reader's Circle: A book club networking site serving the US, UK, Canada, and 19 other countries with listings for local groups, author events, and phone chats. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, serving nearly 100,000 inquiries for book clubs annually.

The Yank Abroad: Thoughts on politics, war, culture and food from a New Orleans native in London.

The Huffington Post: Delivering News and Opinion. The section on "Becoming Fearless" in Relationships, Work, Health, Parenting, Food, Sex...In other words Life is especially fine. That's where she posted my blog on The Courage to Live Your Life. But beware. The articles are so interesting they can become addictive...

The Pulpwood Queens: May be the wildest book club in America with chapters all over the country and in a couple of foreign countries, too.

Bookloons: A website of serious book lovers. They want you to think of them "as your local corner bookstore in the global village. " Here's their review of Bad Belle and you'll see why I love them. If you haven't had enough of me here's a link to their interview.

Dew on the Kudzu: An online magazine celebrating the Southern way of life.

Books Square: Books is designed to be your one-stop destination for anything you can think of books.

Lee Golberg's "A Writer's Life.": A blog with great tips for writers. This is my personal favorite. It has good advice and makes me laugh. A one-stop shop for book groups and anyone who loves to read.

Recovering Sorority Girls: A virtual chapter house devoted to a life less ordinary.

TMC: For all sorts of book reviews.

The Daily Collegian: Published independently by students at Penn State. For a great review of Bad Belle and the low-down on real campus life.

Womanlinks: "Well behaved women rarely make history."

VoluntaryXchange: David Tufte a busy economics professor takes time out from blogging about energy and the economy to read, review, and quote from his favorite books. Among them are: Bad Belle and Scandalous Sissy. Who knew?

Shebytches: A Woman's Place to rant...and rant they do.

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